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Hot Water System in Sydney

There’s nothing more regrettable on a cold winter’s morning than finding that your Hot Water System is not working! It’s that horrible sinking feeling when you turn on the shower and the water stays cold. The type of Hot water we recommend depends on many factors like the size of the family and hot water usage since some types of hot water system can be more efficient than others.

Apart from hot water system installation we also provide repairs for hot water systems and heat pumps.

Types of Hot Water Heaters

You can choose from different types of water heaters depending on your lifestyle requirements and the energy consumption needs.

Solar Hot Water System

Solar water heaters use solar energy with the help of solar panels. This is the most economical type of water heating system and some state governments do provide rebates to install solar powered water heaters. It is also the most environmentally friendly option.

Electric Hot Water System

Electric storage hot water systems are the most common type of hot water heater and used by about half of Australian households. With their simplistic design and reliability, electric storage systems are suited to a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Electric hot water systems prices are generally much cheaper than other hot water services while they are also the easiest to install.

Electric storage hot water systems are available in a range of sizes depending on how much hot water your household needs. It works just like an electric kettle with a heating element inside the system.The biggest advantage to install this type of heater is that you have the access to hot water instantly.

Natural Gas Hot Water System

Due to venting constraints, gas hot water heaters are typically installed outside. Costs for purchase, installation, and operation range from moderate to high.

Gas water heaters with continuous flow, also known as instantaneous flow, are the most popular kind.

A gas storage hot water system is great as it has a quicker heat recovery time and requires a little stockpiling area. The only disadvantage is that they might have a high heat loss because it’s not always possible to insulate at the point where the gas flame is heating the tank.

How can we help with Hot Water System Installation?

At Gee Plumbing we are licensed hot water specialists licensed to install and repair any type of hot water system. We do not take shortcuts while installing or repairing hot water systems. We provide our services compliant with the industry standards. 

Are you aware that many plumbers are not licensed to install electric hot water services? This may bring about excessive and surprising receipts from both the plumber and an electrician. On the other hand, more regrettable still, a plumber illegally installing an electrical hot water service may result in the unit being risky or your hot water unit warranty being voided.

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The staff are well spoken, polite and knowledgeable. They attended my property in a timely manner, and were able to clearly explain the problem, and how they intended to rectify it. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gee Plumbing to anybody who requires any plumbing work done. Happy to have found such a lovely and reliable tradesman.

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Are you available for Emergency Plumbing jobs?
We understand how difficult it can be in a Emergency situation. Lucky for you we provide 24 hour emergency plumbing solutions near you. We have over a decade of experience in handling Emergency Plumbing Solutions.
What are plumbing emergencies?

The best way to know this is to call us on 0411 024 515 and one of our plumbing experts can tell you if you need immediate help. The most common emergency plumbing situations are

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Yes, all our staff is fully qualified and licensed to work on your plumbing needs. We are genuine plumbers available to address your needs 24/7.
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We are one of the few plumbing companies that serve all of Sydney. We operate from multiple locations including Sydney CBD, Inner West, Western Sydney, South East Sydney.
What plumbing services do you provide?
Our experienced and professional plumbers can help you from installation to repairs . Whether it is a burst pipe, blocked drains, Toilet leaks or hot water system installation, we have got you covered for all your plumbing needs. We service the whole of Sydney and provide 24-hour Emergency Plumbing solutions. Call us today to know more about all the services we provide.


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